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Vintage Filigree Jewels

vintage filigree
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We come from a very artistic family and were exposed to many art forms from an early age.
My aunt Marie was a seamstress and ballet costume designer; she also designed gorgeous and very detailed wedding gowns. Unfortunately I can’t properly sew on a button. Lol.
My biggest influence came from two of my uncles, Samuel and Vincent. They were goldsmiths who specialized in making gold filigree jewelry. They would harvest the gold they used from South American gold mines. As a child I recall many afternoons spent in their respective studios watching them make their OWN beautiful and romantic lace like filigree designs; my favorite combinations were with Emeralds.

Influenced by my uncles’ work and an extensive study of jewelry design and fine arts, I started making my own jewelry and passing my knowledge on to my daughter. She started designing very intricate jewelry as far back as the early 80’s (I still keep a pair of Asymmetrical earrings she made for me back in the 80’s). We’ve combined our skills and the result is Vintage Filigree ;)

***About our work:

Our creations are all OUR ORIGINAL one of a kind or limited edition designs, inspired by extensive studies in both JEWELRY DESIGN and THE FINE ARTS. All the work is intricately done by hand, exclusively by the artists / jewelry designers for Vintage Filigree.

All of OUR jewelry designs are made with a touch mystique and romance, plus the combination of brilliant colors, dreams, and imagination. Each piece is delicately created one at a time, by hand and lavishly adorned. Our combined jewelry making experience of over 25 years make each of our creations FINE JEWELRY ART made with exquisite craftsmanship.